Mica Farben für Kosmetik, Mica Farben für Seife, Seifenfarben, naturidentische Duftöle, Emulgatoren Kosmetik

IFRA Erläuterung

In dieser Tabelle finden Sie alle Arten von Kosmetikprodukten, so wie von der EU-Kosmetikverordnung vorgegeben.
Bei den Parfumölen haben wir für Sie die jeweils erlaubten Höchstmnengen an Parfumöl in % für die jeweiligen
Produktarten eingepflegt. Die Tabellen sind auf dem aktuellen Stand (
Wenn Sie z.B. Seifen herstellen, dann müssen Sie sich an die Kategorie 9 halten. Alle Zutaten (Fette, Wasser, NaOH, etc.) bilden die Berechnungsbasis der Gesamtmenge.
Bei Fragen helfen wir gerne weiter.

Class Application
Class 1 Lip products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, clear or colored etc.); Children`s toys
Class 2 Deodorant and antiperspirant products of all types including any product with intended or reasonably forseeable use on the axillae or labelled as such (spray, stick, roll-on, under-arm, deocologne and body spray, etc.)
Class 3 Eye products of all types (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eye make-up, eye masks, eye pillows, etc) including eye care and moisturizer; Facial make up and foundation; Make-up remover for face and eyes; Nose pore strips; Wipes or refreshing tissues for face, neck, hands, body; Body and face paint (for children and adults); Facial masks for face and around the eyes
Class 4 Hydroalcoholic and non hydroalcoholic fine fragrance of all types (Eau de Toilette, Parfum, Cologne, solid perfume, fragrancing cream, aftershaves of all types etc.); Fragranced bracelets; Ingredients of perfume kits and fragrance mixtures for cosmetic kits; Scent pads, foil packs; Scent strips for hydroalcoholic products
Class 5.A Body creams, oils, lotions of all types; Foot care products (creams & powders); Insect repellent (intended to be applied to the skin); All powders and talc (excluding baby powders and talc)
Class 5.B Facial toner Category; Facial moisturizers and creams
Class 5.C Hand cream; Nail care products including cuticle creams, etc.; Hand sanitizers
Class 5.D Baby cream/lotion, baby oil, baby powders and talc
Class 6 Toothpaste; Mouthwash, including breath sprays; Toothpowder, strips, mouthwash tablets
Class 7.A Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (rinse-off) (e.g. relaxers), including rinse-off hair dyes
Class 7.B Hair sprays of all types (pumps, aerosol sprays, etc.); Hair styling aids non sprays (mousse, gels, leave-on conditioners); Hair permanent or other hair chemical treatments (leave-on) (e.g. relaxers), including leave-on hair dyes; Shampoo - Dry (waterless shampoo); Hair deodorizer
Class 8 Intimate wipes; Tampons; Baby wipes; Toilet paper (wet)
Class 9 Bar soap; Shampoo of all type; Cleanser for face (rinse-off); Conditioner (rinse-off); Liquid soap; Body washes and showers gels of all types; Baby wash, bath, shampoo; Bath gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils and other products added to bathwater; Foot care products (feet are placed in a bath for soaking); Shaving creams of all types (stick, gels, foams, etc.); All depilatories (including facial) and waxes for mechanical hair removal; Shampoos for pets
Class 10.A Hand wash laundry detergent (including concentrates); Laundry pre-treatment of all types (e.g. paste, sprays, sticks); Hand dishwashing detergent (including concentrates); Hard surface cleaners of all types (bathroom and kitchen cleansers, furniture polish, etc.); Machine laundry detergents with skin contact (e.g. liquids, powders) including concentrates; Dry cleaning kits; Toilet seat wipes; Fabric softeners of all types including fabric softener sheets; Household cleaning products, other types including fabric cleaners, soft surface cleaners, carpet cleaners furniture polishes sprays and wipes, leather cleaning wipes, stain removers, fabric enhancing sprays, treatment products for textiles (e.g. starch sprays, fabric treated with fragrances after wash, deodorizers for textiles or fabrics); Floor wax; Fragranced oil for lamp ring, red diffusers, pot-pourri, liquid refills for all air fresheners (non-cartridge systems), etc.; Ironing water (Odorized distied water)
Class 10.B Animal sprays - sprays applied to animals of all types; Air freshener sprays, manual, including aerosol and pump; Aerosol/spray insecticides
  pump; Aerosol/spray Insecticides
Class 11.A Feminine hygiene conventional pads, liners, interlabial pads; Diapers (baby and adult); Adult incontinence pant, pad; Toilet paper (dry)
Class 11.B Tights with moisturizers; Scented socks, gloves; Facial tissues (dry tissues); Napkins; Paper towels; Wheat bags; Facial masks (paper/protective) e.g. surgical masks not used as medical device; Fertilizers, solid (pellet and powder)
Class 12 Candles of all types (including encased); Laundry detergents for machine wash with minimal skin contact (e.g. liquid tabs, pods); Automated air fresheners and fragrancing of all types (concentrated aerosol with metered doses (range 0.05-0.5mL/spray), plug-ins, closed systems, solid substrate, membrane delivery, electrical, powders, fragrancing sachets incense, liquid refills (cartridge), air freshening crystals); Air delivery systems; Cat litter; Cell phone cases; Deodorizers/maskers not intended for skin contact (e.g. fabric drying machine deodorizers, carpet powders); Fuels; Insecticides (e.g. mosquito coil, paper, electrical, for clothing) excluding aerosols/sprays; Joss sticks or incense sticks; Dishwash detergent and deodorizers - for machine wash; Olfactive board games; Paints; Plastic articles (excluding toys); Scratch and sniff; Scent pack; Scent delivery system (using dry air technology); Shoe polishes; Rim blocks (Toilet)






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